GRANITE QUARRY, N.C. -- Carolyn Parsons has never given up hope that her daughter Erica will be found. She believes Wednesday's arrest of the adoptive parents on federal fraud charges is a step forward.

"I got a call about 8 o'clock and all I could do was jump up and down and scream Erica's name," she said.

Mrs. Parsons spoke to the media at Granite Lake Park, which is where she is planning to hold a vigil Friday night to mark the one year anniversary of Erica's disappearance.

She says because of Casey and Sandy Parsons' arrest, the vigil will be more like a celebration and she expects a lot of people will attend.

"I'm not stopping. Everybody that supports Erica and myself are not stopping until this little girl is found, whether it be with us or not with us; the community, my daughter and myself need closure, this is a start to closure, but it's not the end. It's not the end until we know where she is," said Parsons.

She believes the Parsonses know where Erica is and feels these charges will give authorities the leverage they need to get them to talk.

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