GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- The child sex crimes trial for former a East Gaston High School wrestling coach wrapped up after nearly three weeks of testimony.

Scott Goins finished a fourth day on the stand Wednesday trying to convince the jury he's not guilty of the 20 child sex crimes he faces, in the face of three former wrestlers who came forward to report the allegations, then testified against him.

Goins, a former East Gaston wrestling coach, faces 20 charges after three former wrestlers came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct.

On Thursday, Judge Jesse Caldwell met with the District Attorney and the defense for a charge conference; the jury did not sit in on the meeting.

"I've been accused of things I haven't done so I get a little defensive. I think that's natural," said Goins.

Defense Attorney Brent Ratchford gave Goins an opportunity to address frustrations with the state's questioning and to point out how he can remember certain moments from his past, but forgotten others.

Ratchford tried to show how Goins could forget the alleged suicide or assault attempt from last year because of how traumatic it was on his body.

Ratchford: Have you ever had a concussion?
Goins: I have.
Ratchford: Did your brain still work?
Goins: Yes sir.
Ratchford: Were you able to breathe?
Goins: Yes sir.

Goins later left the stand without further questioning from the state.

During rebuttal the state called one of Goins' past neighbors who testified she saw Goins and one of the accusers at his duplex many times.

"I don't feel that that's appropriate and I would bring it up back then to my mom that I thought it was odd and so when I heard about this case I was like we've got to say something because I felt like this needed to be shared," said Rosa Elswick, former neighbor of Goins.

Elswick testified she never saw Goins' wife at the duplex at the same time as the accuser. The defense pointed out Elswick, who was a student at the time, was away from the duplex during school hours.

Judge Jesse Caldwell told the jury he would address the application of the law surrounding the charges after closing arguments on Monday.

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