CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a routine for Mitch Sutton every time we get a lot of rain: the cover on the water meter in front of his Charlotte home comes off and starts floating down the sidewalk. And until the rain is gone, he just can't put it back.

Sutton has called the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department about it several times over the last six to eight months.

"Each time I'm told 'there's really nothing that we can do,'" Sutton said.

At close to eight-inches deep, stepping in a water meter hole without the cover could do some serious damage to your ankle.

"I'm continually afraid that somebody's going to step into the hole, or if I've got the cone out here if they don't see the cone that they'll trip over it," Sutton said.

The cone came back in February from a CMUD representative, when once again they said fixing the cover wasn't an option.

"They said no, this is your responsibility and I never understood that," Sutton said.

On Thursday, our emails and calls to the city prompted them to take action. Just two hours after notifying them of this story, Sutton says a worker was outside and a new and improved cover was put in place.

"I'm happy now because I know that this will not come out of the ground during the rain storm and we'll be okay."

Now that it's fixed and his worries are over?

"I'll sleep better," Sutton said.

Along with taking back the old water meter cover, Sutton says the worker took the cone with him as well.

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