GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A once tight-knit athletic community is now torn apart after a jury found Scott Goins guilty of multiple child sex crimes in Gaston County.

The verdicts impact split a once treasured wrestling community and smeared the reputation of the man who built it.

"I mean he was just an amazing coach. The intensity in the room was like no other room in the state really," said Joseph Coss.

Coss wrestled for Goins and testified on his behalf.

"This is not the type of man that he is and it wasn't. He's not that type of man," said Coss.

Those closest to Goins question how the accusations of just three former wrestlers could be a conviction.

"I just pray that you take into account how many lives and young men that he has molded into wonderful young men as opposed to the few stories that y'all got to hear in this room," said Kimberly Woolard, Goins' sister.

Woolard asked Judge Jesse Caldwell for leniency, but the judge sentenced Goins to a minimum of 34 years, 10 months.

Justice for the families of the victims.

"We hope that we prevented other children from suffering the same thing as our boys did," said one of the victim's fathers.

After the sentencing, one of the victims spoke saying he wishes he came forward sooner.

"I will look back at what my indifference led to and never let it happen again," said the victim.

Goins' Attorney Brent Ratchford said they will pursue an appeal over the next year. We reached out to the Gaston County School District to see if they would make any policy changes after the decision and they told us they have no comment.

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