CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Violence on the streets of Ferguson, Mo. has touched a nerve in Charlotte just like in so many other communities.

"A black man anywhere walking down the street doing nothing can be stopped and killed, you tell me what's wrong with this country," said Local NAACP President Kojo Nantambu.

On Thursday morning, the group held a news conference at Little Rock AME Zion to talk about the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a Ferguson officer and police shootings in our area.

The group also discussed a vigil at Marshal Park and a national moment of silence for the teen.

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"We want to stand in an effort of love and support and to organize community conversations around how we can mobilize our anger and upset and disappointment with police brutality, and violence in a way that creates positive change," said Renee Chapman, one of the organizers.

Organizers also talked about police shootings in Charlotte, specifically the Jonathan Ferrell case. The former FAMU football player was shot and killed last year by CMPD Officer Randal Kerrick.

Ferrell was unarmed just like Brown.

But unlike the Ferguson situation; Kerrick was named right away, and was arrested within a few hours. The officer from Missouri has not been identified.

Nantambu credits CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe.

"He does take a different approach he has been very engaging trying to make a difference, that doesn't mean that all the people who work at the Police Department have that attitude," he said.

Organizers say one of the changes they are pushing for is the passage of a Racial Profiling Ordinance.

They have made a proposal to the City Attorney and Police and hope that Council will take up the idea soon.

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