LOWELL, N.C. – Residents of a Lowell neighborhood are not happy over a proposal to build a cell tower that would be visible from many of their windows and yards.

A company called American Tower wants to construct the 180 to 190 foot tower on property off Stowe Drive just down Lowry Lane.

The property is back in the woods but artist renditions submitted by the company clearly show the tower would be visible in the neighborhood.

"It's not that I'm objecting to the tower, it's where they want to put it," said Lowell's Mayor Larry Simonds.

Diane Pope who lives in the neighborhood said, "I don't really like it. I really think we got enough electronic stuff going on already."

The Mayor said he believes the tower should go on city property where it would be visible to far fewer homes.

"We have the water tower in Lowell. Places like that would benefit the city. We'd take in revenue money for the city rather than money for someone else who'd come in here and destroy the neighborhood," Simonds said.

NBC Charlotte tried to reach American Tower for a comment but the company did not respond to messages left by phone and e-mail.

There will be a City Council meeting and public hearing on the tower proposal on Monday night. The meeting will be held at Holbrook Middle School in Lowell.

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