LAKE NORMAN, N.C.--Nicole Bice has had "the talk" with her 9-year-old daughter, Paris.

"She knows who to look for on campus, and that if you wear a certain color badge, you're supposed to be there," said Bice.

Like most parents, Bice appreciates the security measures Lake Norman Elementary School has put into place. A security camera monitors the outside of the Iredell County school, and there are panic buttons placed strategically throughout the building. Administrators take the security so seriously, they won't disclose where those panic alarms have been placed.

"That's just what it takes to maintain safety, and we've seen all things happen in elementary schools so we need to be ready," said the school's principal Mark Shinkaruk.

New this year to the school: a sort of holding area for parents and visitors to be buzzed into the school's front office. Each person entering the building has to go through a holding area and three secured doors before gaining access into the school's main learning center.

And what about standard operating procedures like lock down drills?

"You have to be real quiet," said Paris Bice.

The rising fourth grader showed NBC Charlotte reporter Ann Sheridan the procedures students have been taught when they hear the words, "Lock Down."

What does a 9-year-old feel like when they hear those words?

"Sometimes it makes me want to hug myself," she said in a whisper.

"They have grown up knowing the procedures versus when we went to school we had tornado drills or a fire drill," said the county's security expert James Micheal.

There are 36 schools in Iredell County and 22,000 students. Michael says the same security measures are in place for each of those schools. His new focus now? Practice drills for law enforcement, emergency responders and the media to again emphasize the importance of securing all schools.

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