CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A young girl shot in the face by a shotgun pellet is feeling much better, one day after police say a neighbor opened fire onto her house on Kingville Drive in northeast Charlotte.

"It's feeling a lot more better than it did when I came to the hospital," said Shanise Laney.

Shanise rode her bike Monday afternoon with her brother, while she sported a princess tiara and two bandages over her right cheek, covering the injuries. Her mother said that doctors expect minimal scarring.

"When I saw my daughter was ok, I was relieved, I was happy. And then when she was, you know being interviewed by the detectives, I just broke down and started crying," said Shandra Laney.

The Laneys consider themselves fortunate that more injuries weren't suffered. Shanise, 10, described how she was crawling to safety in the kitchen when she was hit by the shotgun pellets.

"I was trying to go over there where the table is. And I poked my head out like this and turned my head just to see if he had stopped. The bullet had exactly hit me right here. And came out."

The front window was shattered in the gunfire, and shotgun pellet spray can been seen across the back interior wall of their home.

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