UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Some Union County school kids speak nothing but Spanish all day long.

Reading, math -- whatever the material, they are learning in Spanish, and parents are fighting to sign up their kids.

You can count the number of times you'll hear English in this classroom at Shiloh Elementary School pretty easily.

"They are speaking Spanish all day long. There is not one spoken word of English during the day," explains school principal, Scott Spencer.

These kindergartners at Shiloh Elementary are part of the SPLASH program, where kids learn entirely in Spanish.

Teacher Paula Ospina says, "The thing is to be consistent, like we said the first day, we don't speak English and that's what we do, so they know it and they need to learn, that's a need. So they need to do it. And they do? And they do, of course."

The program is modelled after similar ones at schools across the state.

"They are like sponges they learn everything so fast.

As both a parent and administrator at the school, Jennifer Aldridge enrolled her son in the program, saw the success, and decided to put her daughter Addison on the same path.

"I just wanted them to have greater opportunities in life as they get older," she explained.

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