CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pest control equipment was brought inside the LaSalle Senior Living apartment complex Tuesday to kill all the bedbugs that have infested inside. Residents tell NBC Charlotte the bedbug problem has spread to several units.

Longtime resident Nathaniel Taylor is grateful to see the unwelcomed guests taken out.

"I hope they get rid of the bed bugs. I've been here 11 years and I want to be here 11 more," Taylor said.

Property management hopes to educate staff and guest on the warning signs of bedbugs, along with protocols to battle future outbreaks.

Neighbor Calvin Biddle is concerned about bedbugs so close to his home.

"Oh that's bad, that's very bad." Biddle said. He adds, "And once they spread, they spread by the thousands."

The Mecklenburg Health Department advices Charlotte residents to become advocates for their loved ones in senior living facilities. They say to ask management about bed bugs and to check for yourself. Bedbugs are most commonly found in the crevasses of mattresses, but can also be found inside chairs and walls. While bedbugs are not poisonous, they will lead to a number of health problems the Health Department says.

Nathaniel Taylor is already watching over his shoulder.

"I check all the time," Taylor said.

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