WAXHAW, N.C.—In a special meeting Tuesday evening, the Town Board voted to removed Mayor Daune Gardner from her role on a municipal planning organization.

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Stewart called the meeting to discuss taking action over Gardner's "neglect of duties and role as an elected official."

Gardner was recently fined $250 by the N.C. State Ethics Commission for failing to file a statement of economic interest form, which details financial and personal interests of public officials. The form, related to her position on the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization, was due in mid-April. Gardner says she turned in her form last week.

During the meeting, Gardner questioned why this was being brought up as town business.

"You were fined for failure to file and you're a representative of Waxhaw sitting on that board, so that does make it our business," responded Stewart.

The board voted 4-1 to remove Gardner from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization. The Mayor maintains the board does not have the authority to do that, however Stewart said town officials checked with the organization before Tuesday's vote.

Gardner told NBC Charlotte she felt this was being blown out of proportion, "I can't speak to the motivation or intent. Everyone has been guilty of neglecting to file something in a timely fashion. I confess I am a little confused and frustrated."

"You can play the innocent victim mentality if you want to," said Stewart, "but the truth is that there is a documented history of inabilities to perform duties. I'm not here to bash anyone or rehash any of that old stuff."

That old stuff included two arrests and other special meetings about the Mayor's actions.

Earlier this year, she refused to step-down from her position after pleading guilty to driving while impaired on a June 2013 arrest.

The town approved a resolution admonishing the mayor for the arrest and for buying alcohol with the town credit card. Gardner was also arrested and charged with DUI in 2008, but those charges were later expunged.

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