CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Construction delays at the new Charlotte Fire Department headquarters are costing the contractor $174,000 in fines, city officials said.

The fines, also called liquidated damages, means that money could end up back in city coffers once the project is finished.

As of Tuesday, construction is 348 days behind schedule. The building is expected to be finished in October with a move-in date near the end of the year.

Window installation problems are the cause of most of the problems.

The first attempt to install them didn't work. The windows didn't fit and steel refabricating needed for the do-over caused a domino effect because the inside can't be finished until the exterior is sealed.

Neighbor Shertana Millen, who lives two blocks away, says if there's a rush to finish, you can't tell by the number of people working there.

"Very few guys out there. Even when you do see them, they're drinking (water) or just talking. I don't see them working."

Another neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says it is the slowest construction project he's ever seen and he's watched crews do some jobs over and over again, not just the windows.

The contractor, Myers & Chapman, Inc., is incurring $500 a day in liquidated damages, which now total that $174,000 amount.

The exact amount to be determined once it's finished, which is now slated for October.

Myers & Chapman says some construction complexities came up, but they are committed to providing a quality building to the city.

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