CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's been an ongoing debate for years -- the CMS bell schedule.

Parents and teachers have voiced their concerns about the possibility of a longer school day. Now, the superintendent is finally hearing the results of a survey about what everyone wants.

It's been a longtime coming. Three years of a grassroots effort and eight months serving on the official School Time Task Force committee. Tuesday morning, the group presented the results of a survey to the CMS superintendent and his executive committee.

"They were very amenable to hearing what we had to say," said Susan Plaza, who has led the efforts for years.

The group surveyed CMS parents and teachers about the extended day and the late bell schedule and recommended three things:

  1. Getting rid of the 4:15 dismissal
  2. Going back to the shorter day for kindergartners
  3. A later start for high-schoolers

Plaza said, "I think they all agree that 4:15 is not a popular bell schedule and they're willing to make some moves on that, but of course money is the name of the game."

She says the superintendent didn't seem like he would budge on the shorter day, but she believes he is interested in a later start for high-schoolers.

"I do hope they'll listen to what the teachers had to say, they survey was very telling and hopefully we can find some ways to make this happen"

We tried to get comment from the superintendent and CMS and were told only that they are considering the committee's recommendations for the 2015-2016 school year.

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