DAVIDSON, N.C. -- There is new information in the suspicious death of a 41-year-old Davidson woman. Sarah Long was found dead in her townhouse located on Old Meeting Way back in July.

Police say the woman died from a single gunshot wound to the left side of her head. The gun was found in her left hand.

Investigators have strong doubts as to whether this was a suicide. For one, they have apparently determined that Long was right handed, making a left handed shot unlikely.

They were called out to the residence by her new boyfriend, who we are not identifying. He asked officers to perform a welfare check, and that's when they found the body.

A few days after that, police say the boyfriend produced a document that shows that Long left him everything. Court documents suggest she could be worth more than a million dollars.

Investigators say the boyfriend told them that Long was suicidal and was having a tough time dealing with a terminal cervical cancer diagnoses.

Police say they talked to Long's doctor who told them, Sarah did not have cancer; explaining that she had abnormal cells on her cervix that could be easily treated with a minor outpatient procedure.

Officers asked if Sarah could have misunderstood. The doctor said no because Sarah has experienced the same issue in the past and she reassured her there wasn't much to worry about.

NBC Charlotte tried to talk to the boyfriend, but no one came to the door when we knocked. Police are not calling him, or anyone else a suspect because this is just a suspicious death investigation. That might change after they get results back from the crime lab.

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