CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The groups behind the Moral Monday movement are calling for a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer to be fired following a controversial arrest.

Ty Turner was placing fliers on cars near Monday's demonstration in Marshall Park.

Two officers asked him to stop and told him it violated a city ordinance. Turner says he asked to see the ordinance sparking a confrontation.

"This officer doesn't need to be here the way he escalated the situation," said Turner.

He took out his cellphone camera and recorded the incident. "When I pulled out my video he got frustrated. He said, 'Put your video away.' I said, 'No sir, I have the right to have my video out."

The department has identified the officer as David Tropeano, a 10-year veteran.

The NAACP and several other groups called for him to be fired at a Wednesday morning press conference.

Wednesday afternoon, the department responded to the groups and said that Turner refused to comply with officers demands.

"Do I think this rises to the level of an officer losing his job? Well what we see is he did not violate the law. He was actually trying to enforce the law, a city ordinance," said Deputy Chief Kerr Putney.

Putney says the department is still looking at the incident, but at this point stands by the officer.

We talked to several attorneys who told us there is nothing in the law that requires an officer to show an ordinance before making an arrest.

"Obligation is for us to know the laws and ordinances, not to necessarily carry them on our person," said Putney.

The groups hope to meet with the Police Administration next Monday, they are pushing for long lasting changes including an Anti Racial Profiling Ordinance.

"Maybe something is wrong with their training and we do propose that the training itself be changed or recalibrated so that an officer will know he's stepping out of bounds," said Kojo Nantambu, the head of the local NAACP.

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