CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ten CMS elementary school students are recovering after they were stung by wasps at school.

It happened during recess at Selwyn Elementary School in South Charlotte.

It's a story third-grader Charlie Shumate won't soon forget.

"I could hear them screaming in through the hall and they said there were a bunch on them, one came into the classroom," Shumate said.

Wasps have stingers with small barbs on them. That's what causes the pain. Wasps can sting several times unless their stinger gets lodged in someone's skin.

Wasp stings can be dangerous to people who are stung numerous times, or who are allergic.

CMS says one of the students had an allergic reaction.

"Their fingers and legs where they got stung, but it started to get really swollen," Shumate said.

Medic and firefighters treated all 10. Nobody ended up at the hospital.

CMS crews removed the wasps and their nest from the school.

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