CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The scores are out and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students made small gains in most subjects on the EOGs, but there is one subject where there is a lot of work to be done.

Bottom line, CMS students did better this year than last on the EOGs, or end of grade tests, but there is one subject that needs a lot more work: reading.

The tests changed last year; they are tougher and there are higher standards. That's because North Carolina joined most states in adopting the Common Core standards.

Last year when the scores came out, there was a lot of disappointment because there was a significant drop from the year before. But that wasn't really comparing apples to apples. This year compared to last truly is a good comparison.

This year's numbers show CMS students ahead of the state average and doing better this year across the board with small gains in math and science, but very little gains, and in some cases drops, in reading.

Overall, CMS Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison say he's pleased.

"The bar raised significantly in North Carolina… assessments got harder... thanks to the great work in schools, proficiency increased dramatically in all tested subjects."

One other thing these tests measure: a schools overall growth. Eighty-three-percent of schools in CMS' district met or exceeded expectations.

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