CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Construction delays are forcing some UNCC students to move into hotels at the start of the school year.

An estimated 1500 students who had signed up to live in one of four apartment complexes under development will be affected.

"I guess he's worried. We were all planning on moving into our own rooms, you get to put your own stuff there, but now he has to live in a hotel," said student Oriana.

The sophomore was planning to move into Arcadia Apartments, but was assigned to another student apartment complex at a different location.

Four multi-family apartment were slated for completion in August: Arcadia, Aspen Heights, Circle University City and Millennium One.

The units will ultimately house 2500 students.

"We believe we are going to get there, but it's going to be close because we've had a lot of foul weather they did not expect," said Darlene Heater, executive director for University City Partners.

"I would say the apartment complex[es] have gone above and beyond to ensure a great student experience," said Heater.

Heater says they've been working with developers to assign students to area hotels.

Plans are also underway to add free shuttle service. Some students will receive cash stipends to off-set cost of incidentals. Students will also be allowed to temporarily store their belongings at no cost.

Heater say each complex plans to stagger move in dates.

The university is working in conjunction with CMPD to offer security and ensure student safety.

UNCC is seeing record attendance. More than 27,000 students will be enrolled at UNCC in the fall.

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