Jeb Bush served as governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He also ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1994. He is the son of the 41st president, George H.W. Bush, and brother of the 43rd president, George W. Bush.

Latest news

• December 2014: Jeb Bush explores 2016 presidential race

• December 2014: Jeb Bush set to release thousands of e-mails

• December 2014: Jeb Bush's business dealings come under scrutiny

• December 2014: Neil Bush: Mom has 'come around' on Jeb Bush in 2016

• December 2014: Weighing clues about 2016 by looking at the scales

• December 2014: George W. Bush: Jeb would beat 'sister-in-law' Hillary Clinton

• December 2014: Jeb Bush: GOP nominee in 2016 has to be 'uplifting'

• November 2014: Bush's 'love letter' to Dad and message to Jeb: Run

• October 2014: Jeb Bush: I'm not 'freaking out' about 2016

• October 2014: Son: Jeb Bush 'more than likely' to run for president

• October 2014: Jeb Bush's family on presidential race: 'My wife is supportive'

• October 2014: Jeb Bush reaches out to Latino voters in ads for U.S. Chamber

• October 2014: Ready for another Bush? Jeb's 2016 advantages, challenges

• October 2014: George W. Bush: I think Jeb wants to be president

• September 2014: Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush to stump for Pat Roberts in Kansas

• July 2014: Jeb Bush to GOP: Don't use border crisis to ignore immigration

• July 2014: Report: Jeb Bush plays key role in private equity firm

• May 2014: Condi Rice: Jeb Bush would be 'fantastic' as presidential candidate

• May 2014: Christie: Running against Bush would be hard because we're friends

• May 2014: George P. Bush: Dad Jeb is 'seriously' thinking about White House bid

• April 2014: 69% agree with Barbara Bush: No more political dynasties

• April 2014: George W. Bush: 'I hope Jeb runs' for president

• April 2014: Bush son: George H.W. Bush wants Jeb to run for president

• April 2014: GOP senator defends Bush's 'act of love' immigration comments

• March 2014: Ice might be thawing on Barbara Bush's opposition to Jeb in 2016

• March 2014: McCain: Christie, Bush 'viable' but no front-runner in 2016 field

• February 2014: Jeb Bush says he and Clinton would have to overcome last names

• January 2014: Jeb Bush gets cheeky with his mother about 2016 bid

• January 2014: Barbara Bush: Presidency not limited to my family

• November 2013: G.W. Bush: Jeb would be 'a great president'

• November 2013: Jeb Bush holds off consulting family about 2016

• October 2013: Jeb Bush: Obama, Boehner should golf together

• July 2013: Jeb Bush urges House to pass immigration bill

• June 2013: Jeb Bush dismisses 'chirpers' on his right

• June 2013: Jeb Bush: 'Fertile' immigrants boost economy

• May 2013: Jeb Bush laughs off mom's presidential quip

• May 2013: Jeb Bush to speak, not run, at Mich. confab

• April 2013: George W. Bush: Jeb should run in 2016

March 2013: Jeb Bush praises brother George over Obama

March 2013: Jeb Bush at CPAC: GOP must embrace 'inclusion and acceptance'

March 2013: Jeb Bush undecided on 2016 presidential race

March 2013: Jeb Bush working hard to be heard

March 2013: Jeb Bush rankles bipartisan group over immigration

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