CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It was 79 years ago today that Social Security was born.

To celebrate, a number of retirees from Charlotte joined with a grass roots organization called the North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans in a celebration with cake and balloons.

The Alliance unveiled its most current report showing what Social Security means to people living in North Carolina.

The study found over 1,250,000 retired North Carolinians received benefits in 2013.

The average benefit, the report say, was $15,179.

There is much concern now about the future of Social Security, especially with all the Baby Boomers who are now retiring every day.

Alliance President Jim Moore said, "As it stands now, we are looking at financial stability for the fund until the year 2030."

Allen Penley is retired and gets a pension from his years working for a truck manufacturer in Lincoln County.

He says Social Security for him mean, "survival."

"I get a small pension and with Social Security I can actually live comfortably," he added.

Over at the Mecklenburg County Senior Citizen Center on Tyvola Road, Dorothy Wasp said she hopes Social Security will still be around when her granddaughter reaches her golden years.

"It helps a lot," she said, adding without it, she probably would struggle to make ends meet.

For many seniors, Social Security has become their only source of income, something it was never supposed to be when it was conceived 79 years ago.

But with few companies offering pensions anymore, it is all many seniors can count on.

Moore, the Alliance President said, "Without their Social Security check, it would be a tremendous burden on them and their children."

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