CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When the President comes into town, the city, of course, is forced to adapt. Road closures in uptown led to plenty of alternate routes and traffic backups.

These weren't just Charlotteans cramming into town, but tourists, too. Paul DeMeo came all the way from Boston.

"This is exciting for us, because we've never seen the Presidential motorcade before," DeMeo said.

Brevard Street closed down by 9:30 a.m.; Stonewall was shut down just after 11, then Caldwell and some of Davidson Street. It's a pain for drivers, but no cars meant a rare free-for-all for bike riders and runners.

"It's nice," said Tim Hock. "I was able to get to the front of every line. It's a gridlock up on Tryon."

"Oh definitely," said Kaylee Cibik. "It's been a leisurely run today. I kind of wish it was like this everyday."

Think about it: these guys always have to be on the lookout for all of us drivers. For them, Tuesday was like Christmas morning.

"Zipping right through everywhere," Hock said. "I wish the President would come more often."

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