CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Drivers encountered several accidents and issues Thursday on Independence Boulevard.

Neighbors say it's hard to tell if the number of accidents is getting worse or perhaps it is just their patience wearing thin while they're dealing with all the construction.

A car broke down during the morning commute, which caused delays inbound.

Later in the day, a different car was stuck in the left outbound lane with a flat tire.

After that we saw a vehicle which had been rear-ended, and police responding to what looked like a wreck in which a driver side tire looked bent.

Everyone knows stuff happens, and the ease of your commute is often just the luck of the draw.

We asked if the problem is the ongoing construction, or the drivers?

"It's a combination of both. The traffic slows down, there might be some fender-bender on the left or right and people rubberneck and check it out and that causes chain reactions," said Azam Kahn, who runs Independence Auto Sales and has a front-row seat to traffic woes.

Neighbors say part of the problem going inbound is a since-repaired pothole. Cars were hitting the brakes to avoid it or swerving to go around it.

That's the same problem commuters experienced on I-485.

Contractors are responsible for filling potholes in construction zones.

I-485 construction ends this winter, but the Independence widening doesn't end until 2016.

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