CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pay for play has been the topic of discussion for college sports players, but pay to play continues to create a buzz for CMS students.

Since 2011, many student athletes have paid a participation fee. The $100 fee, however, was waived for students who were enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program. This fall a change in the free and reduced lunch program caused some of those students to become ineligible and lose the waiver.

"We had to look at a different criteria that would remain an opportunity for all of our families," said CMS Athletic Director Susan Doran.

Doran says the district decided to use a form typically used for academic fee waivers to give student athletes an opportunity to apply for assistance.

"It's different income levels based on household -- the number of individuals in that household," said Doran.

Doran says this will likely ensure those who were eligible for the waiver last year will qualify this year.

"Ultimately it's permitting student athletes to participate in athletics and I think we all know the benefits," said Doran.

Doran says she does not believe the change will impact the districts athletic budget. Doran says parents should contact individual school athletic directors to see if their student athlete's situation applies to the waiver.

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