From four wheels to two, Joe Gibbs Racing is one of the better teams in all of motorsports, but it s not all restricted to the pavement.

Josh Grant and Justin Brayton have been riding dirt bikes since before they hit double digits.

My parents got me a bike and I wouldn't trade it for the world, Brayton said.

Went to a track, local in California and next thing you know, we're doing this every weekend, Josh said,

And now every weekend means racing professional motocross for a big name in motorsports. Joe Gibbs has power on the track in NASCAR, but it also translates to the dirt.

It's amazing just getting to know him on a personal level, Brayton says. Just his knowledge, and you know if you're associated with him you're going to have the best people around you. To be able to work with a team like this, that has the resources that are unlimited, is a racer's dream.

Gibbs may be a busy guy wearing many hats, but he's also very hands on with his teams, and these guys couldn t be more thrilled.

You know he does make it to quite a few races, says Grant. It's good to have him in our ear and in our corner, just giving us advice.

Next up for the Lucas Oil Pro Motorcross series is Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania this Saturday.

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