CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Twenty-year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr's death leaves several serious questions about what's next for NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

NBC Sports Network's legal analyst Jack Furlong gave some scenarios on Monday.

"It's not very likely that he's going to be charged with a vehicular manslaughter or more serious crime, but New York state penal law does have a criminally negligent homicide statute," Furlong said.

He says that statute presupposes that there may have been a level of negligence or recklessness involved on Stewart's part.

"There has been an issue raised as to whether or not Tony Stewart accelerated his car as he approached a pedestrian in the track," Furlong said.

Fox Sports Racing Analyst Kenny Wallace doesn't agree with that theory.

"It's totally wrong to think that Tony Stewart would actually try to run over somebody and kill them," Wallace said.

Wallace believes policies need to be put in place to keep drivers from walking out onto the track, especially in Dirt Sprint Car races like the one Saturday because those cars are so hard to see out of.

At this time, no charges have been filed against Stewart, but even if it stays that way he could feel significant financial impacts from the crash.

"The sponsors who have contract clauses that allow them to back out of deals in the event of what's considered a morals violation may conduct their own internal investigation as to whether or not they want to drop him," Furlong said.

Stewart released a statement Sunday giving his condolences to the Ward family. He also sat out Sunday's sprint cup race.

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