Hurricane hunters are currently investigating a disturbed area of weather in the eastern Caribbean. This tropical wave has been designated with the name Invest 96L. Which is short for investigation area 96L. This system is very disorganized and may take some time to develop into a tropical depression or storm. It also could never develop at all as it fights both dry stable air and wind shear.

Steering currents:

This system whether it develops or not is likely to bypass the U.S. altogether. The reason is there is a large ridge of high pressure over the deep south. This will block anything from moving into the Southeast over the next 5 days or so. At the same time there is a trough of low pressure between that ridge and the mid-Atlantic ridge which is steering this system north. This weakness between the two ridges is really the only path this system has right now.

So where is it going?

Well based on the only avenue being between the two ridges there seems to be a high likelihood it will move north then re-curve around the mid-Atlantic ridge. With hurricane hunters out there now and the data they collect going into tonight's model runs we should have even more confidence in its future tonight. For right now I would say there is little chance it impacts the United States unless something dramatic happens in the next 2-3 days.

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