It doesn't look like much right now, but a weak area of low pressure could become a major rain and wind maker for the coast this weekend. Almost all the model guidance has some kind of low pressure, but they all vary on location, speed and intensity.

Our Futurecast model is very aggressive because it keeps it offshore and over the very warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Those waters are in the low to mid-80s. Which can lead to some very quick intensification.

The Futurecast model takes the low from near Jacksonville, Fla. north and by Sunday it exploded into a tropical storm. This is just one model solution and there is certain to be more changes as we go through the weekend. Depending on the track this could end up be a big rain maker even back into the Piedmont as it merges with an approaching cold front. Either way this weekend will feature some major changes to the weather pattern here in the Carolinas.

Stay tuned a lot can happen over the next few days.

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