Neighbors question city's decision to repave road

Neighbors question city's decision to repave road


by TONY BURBECK / NewsChannel 36
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Posted on December 17, 2010 at 1:17 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- "Please do not repave our street." Those are words you typically don't hear, especially with local streets filled with potholes after a rough winter.

But that's what some Park Crossing neighbors say when it comes to a repaving project about to start on Park Crossing Drive.

Jason Lindenberg saw the sign at the entrance to the neighborhood, which says repaving is less than two weeks away.

"There's nothing wrong with the road. There's not a single pothole in it," he said.

The Charlotte Department of Transportation says the repaving will cost $80,000 to $90,000.

Lindenberg says the road has a few cracks here and there, but nothing major. He says other roads need repaving more.

"I just think the money could be better spent elsewhere," Lindenberg said.

But the city said looks can be deceiving and just because you can't see something on the surface of the road doesn't mean there's not a problem underneath.

That was resident Jean McDaniel's concern as she walked her dog Tuesday.

"I have seen places that look like they are developing into kind of potholes," she said.

CDOT last repaved Park Crossing in 2001. Since then, CDOT says it has deteriorated to a failing grade, blamed in part by the constant freeze and thaw cycle from winter.

While researching this story we found out the city gets several calls from people saying, "Pave someone else's road, not ours." To that, CDOT says it wouldn't spend the money if the work didn't need to be done.

So, Lindenberg is getting the newly repaved road he doesn't want.

"I'll still like it, still love the neighborhood, but I'll be wondering what else that money could have been spent on," he said.

CDOT says most of the repaving money comes from a gas tax and that money is earmarked only for road projects and repairs.

"I should probably be the first one excited the road is being repaved, nice new blacktop road," Lindenberg said.