Pothole Patrol | Winter weather creates more problems than usual

Pothole Patrol | Winter weather creates more problems than usual


by MICHELLE BOUDIN / NewsChannel 36
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Posted on December 17, 2010 at 1:21 PM

CHARLOTTE N.C. -- Drivers beware: There's a pothole out there with your name on it.
All of the recent winter weather has compounded the pothole problem. That's why NewsChannel 36 is starting the "Pothole Patrol."
"I did see some today that I thought were really kind of bad," said Cathy Bohaty.
Ask anyone, they'll give you an earful.
"All of a sudden they're really horrible again," said Diane Ervin. "They're really bad. There's so many of them everywhere."

Drivers say the potholes are an annoyance because they can cause serious damage to your car.

"They'll eat your car up," Beth Wentz said.

"Knocks the front end out of alignment sometimes too," said Ervin.
City officials call this time of year pothole season because the winter weather helps bring out potholes. But officials say this season has been more brutal than in the past.
The city of Charlotte has handled 132 pothole calls just in the last two weeks. They usually only handle half that amount all month.
A Charlotte city spokeswoman says you have to report the potholes to get them fixed.
Despite the problem, an out-of-towner helped put things in perspective.
"Actually, they're much better here than they are in Indianapolis. Indianapolis has such a freeze and thaw, there's quite a few more than there are here," said Wentz.

If you want to report a problem pothole, first make sure you know whether the road is a city or state road.
Here's a list of major roads commonly mistaken for city roads that are actually state roads:
- Providence Road
- Morehead Street
- North and South Tryon Street
- Independence Boulevard
- Monroe Road
- Albemarle Road
- Wilkinson Boulevard
- Graham Street
- Sugar Creek Road
- Highway 51
- Highway 521
- Rea Road
- Freedom Drive
- South Boulevard beyond Woodlawn Road
- Route 4, which includes Eastway Drive, Wendover Road, Runnymede Road and Woodlawn Road.

Report a problem on a city road

If it is a city road, call 311 for help. City officials say you should see a repair in 24 hours.
Report a problem on a state road

The state says they'll only do a temporary fix because that's all they can do until the spring and warmer weather.

In Mecklenburg County, there are two different offices to report potholes. For the southern part of the county, call 704-596-5782. For the northern part, call 704-394-8321.

The statewide customer service number to report potholes is 1-877-368-4968.
You can also report the problem online at  www.ncdot.gov/contact, then scroll down to reporting, and use the drop-down window to select the county where the pothole is located.
The link that comes up provides a "Contact Us" form to supply the location and that e-mail goes directly to the local county office that will fix the problem.