Report reveals worst-rated Charlotte area businesses


BBB grade: F Instant Tax Service upset hundreds of tax filers in Charlotte and Gastonia by allegedly deducting higher than expected tax preparation fees from their customers’ refunds and charging large fees for refund anticipation loans. In March, the N.C. Attorney General filed suit against Instant Tax Service and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the company from engaging in what it referred to as “illegal business activities.” Instant Tax Service has 15 unanswered and unresolved BBB complaints in 2012, and 75 total complaints in the previous 36 months.



Posted on July 16, 2012 at 5:32 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 16 at 5:41 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  The Better Business Bureau released its list of the worst-rated Charlotte area businesses Monday morning.

The BBB's ‘Dirty Half Dozen’ is a list of six local companies with the most unanswered or unresolved complaints.

(Click here to see the list of the worst-rated Charlotte area businesses)

Home Appliance Repair and Race City Waterworks Car Wash top the list with six unanswered complaints each thus far in 2012.

Instant Tax Service, meanwhile, has 11 unresolved complaints this year, according to the BBB.

“When someone is expecting a tax refund, they may have delayed paying bills or getting their car fixed until they have the money from their refund,” said BBB President Tom Bartholomy in a statement. “So, when Instant Tax Service’s customers got their refund checks and found out that up to $800 in tax preparation fees had been deducted allegedly without their knowledge, they were very angry.”

Home Appliance Repair is the lone repeat offender.  The company topped the BBB’s 2011 list with the most unanswered and unresolved complaints last year.

“Michael Henderson has a pattern of changing his business name, and customers tell us that he has also changed his own name to David Henderson,” added Bartholomy. “When individuals use aliases and change their business name frequently, the reason is usually because they don’t want customers to find out about their history of consumer complaints.”

The other three businesses are the University City location of Discount Furniture & More, MZ Auto Inspections and Home

Consumers in the area have filed 6,437 complaints with the BBB thus far this year.

“The level of customer service provided by these six companies is unacceptable to their customers and to the BBB,” Bartholomy noted. “Customers expect and should receive, at the very minimum, a response from the company when they are unhappy with the products or services received.”