Businessman remodels Dell Curry's former home

Businessman remodels Dell Curry's former home



Posted on March 24, 2014 at 4:58 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 24 at 5:00 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a mansion we've seen before, but nowadays it looks a lot different.
It’s the mansion former NBA player Dell Curry built for his family in 1996.

Years later, Gerald Wallace bought it and NBC Charlotte got an exclusive look inside after he put it on the market. Then, we got another look inside when a Charlotte businessman bought it.

Fast forward to today and it looks very different.

The basketball court remains—for now. But everything else has pretty much changed, starting with the grand entrance.

"We created this large foyer that we have now, which is 15-feet by 25-feet, and that became the two-story foyer that we've got with that groin vault ceiling," said James Benham, president of Benham Builders.

He added, "Those are 11-foot doors, and they probably weigh about 400 pounds apiece."

The entrance is just the beginning of the changes.

"The old house actually ended right in here," said Jimmy Benham, Project Manager with Benham Builders.

He added, "Once we opened this up, we had the opportunity to create these arches that kind of gave you a panoramic of all sides of the house, all angles."

"This was the great room before, but of course there was no fireplace, said James.

Now, there's an 18-foot fireplace with a 70-inch TV above it.

And then, there are these bi-fold doors that pretty much bring the outside, inside.

"So instead of having a sliding door we still have a fixed glass here.  You have free range to roam in and out," added Jimmy.

Some of the most dramatic changes were in the master bedroom.

"This is the area we started the major construction in. This was where you walked down six steps to the billiard room and upstairs six steps down to the master," James.

"Now, you can see what the whole concept was because everything is on one level in the house," he added.

And the old master bedroom is now a media room.

Of course, there's also a master bathroom with a master closet.

"The master closet is a work in progress," he said.

Speaking of work in progress, the kitchen was certainly one.  It's now complete and a lot bigger, too.

He added, "It's really the vision of the owners."

"She said this is what I want. I want an enormous island. I want a scullery with two entrances on the side.  She had a complete vision of it," said James.

And now that vision has become a reality.

"Really, we took the house from where it ended and added about 50 feet to it," he added.

Fifty feet and more than a million dollars later, the house has been completely transformed.

"If you look at this as a whole, Dell Curry built it for himself for $3.5 million.  He bought it for about a million and put $1.5 into it. So you pretty much got a brand new house for less than it was built originally," said Jimmy.