Chester's $2 million Powerball mystery

Chester's $2 million Powerball mystery


by RAD BERKY / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on January 11, 2013 at 12:42 AM

CHESTER, S.C. -- There is a terrific guessing game going on in Chester, where someone has won $2 million dollars in the Powerball lottery.

But who is it?

At the Cyclone Restaurant Thursday night, it seemed like everyone there was looking at each other for clues.

Working at the cash register, Phyllis Roberts said, "I'd love to know who it is that won $2 million."

But the winner doesn't want you to know, and -- as is his right -- he asked the state not to make his name public.

And if it was anyone in the restaurant, nobody was saying.

"I wouldn't tell you if it was," said Kim Gray, who was eating dinner when asked if he was the lucky winner.

Paul Jochim, another local resident was asked if he'd seen anyone he knew suddenly sporting a new fancy car.

"I have not. No," he answered.

The winning ticket was sold at the Pantry Express gas station on Columbia Street in town. Employees had to sign confidentiality agreements and could not talk about the winner at all.

However, a group of men talking to each other while waiting to pay, claimed they thought they knew who the winner was.

"He is a really good guy," said Foster Terry, who went on to say he thought the winner was the kind of person who would do something good with the money.

The men would only hint that the winner was young and single and attached to his family.

The town's slogan is "Choose Chester" and the winner is no doubt glad he did when buying his ticket.

Back at the Cyclone Restaurant, Gray finished his dinner, and said, "Well, I'm just happy about it, but I wish it was me. I wasn't fortunate enough."

But someone out there was.