Exclusive behind the scenes of NBC's Revolution Wilmington Set

Exclusive behind the scenes of NBC's Revolution Wilmington Set



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Posted on November 19, 2012 at 7:18 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 31 at 7:52 PM

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Imagine if all cell phones stopped working-- if all the power went out? That's the premise of NBC’s new hit show Revolution, and we got an exclusive look behind the scenes on the show's Wilmington set.

They have spent four days shooting in an abandoned hospital--  the perfect place to shoot a show about a future world without power.

“The show is-- it’s a big what if, what would happen if all of this went away,” said Zak Orth, who plays a computer genius on the show.
But he says that does not translate into real life.
“I like gadgets, but I’m not particularly adept at them," he says. 

He is pretty adept, though, at avoiding revealing too much about what’s to come on Revolution.

“I don’t have a lot of answers I can give you, and whatever answers I do get, I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to give you," he joked.
Series star Tracy Spiridakos will only hint at what will happen in the next two episodes, before the show breaks until March.
“It’s going to be a really cool cliffhanger,” she said.

“It keeps getting more and more interesting,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, “What can you tease? oh yeah, more people will die, how’s that?”

Most people know Mitchell from Lost-- the show Revolution creator J.J. Abrams is most well known for.

She told us, “He draws really intricate characters in extraordinary situations and I can't think of anything better than that.”
Spiridakos said she loves the action in the show.
“One of my favorite things: every time I see a day where I have stunts...oooh what are we doing? Do I kill somebody today? It’s a great job,” Spiridakos expressed.

Orth promises audiences won't be strung along in the dark forever, “The one thing that we all do know is that the answers are out there."
Elizabeth Mitchell says she visits Charlotte often because her acupuncturist lives here.

Revolution wraps up with a fall cliffhanger that will air at a special time next Tuesday here on NBC Charlotte.