Splashed paint, slashed tires leads to arrest of 3 teens

Splashed paint, slashed tires leads to arrest of 3 teens


by AMY COWMAN / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on August 22, 2013 at 6:06 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 22 at 6:20 PM

YORK COUNTY, N.C. -- A vandalism spree landed three York County teens behind bars.

Investigators say it started at the York County Rec Complex and ended with a stolen, wrecked vehicle.

"It is a shame-- it’s shocking, then again it doesn't surprise me the way things are today," said York Co Rec employee, Danny Mazzell.

When Mazzell arrived at the York County Rec Complex Thursday morning, it was a mess. Vandals had their way with the place-- splashing paint, spraying graffiti and damaging property, so they called police.

"Every tire on every golf cart was slashed," said York Police Chief Andy Robinson.

Aside from having to clean-up, Mazzell says the golf carts are now useless, and they have a big summer fest tournament this weekend.

"It upset me; I take pride in my work and pride in this complex," said Mazzell.

The suspects stole two Park and Rec trucks, busted through the gate and broke the fence. One of the trucked ended up in a ditch in the woods, the other one got away until the suspect was stopped and arrested early Thursday morning.

Police have now arrested and charged 17-year-old Dakota Davis, 19-year-old Christopher Johnson and another 19-year-old male.

"From what I've gotten from the investigators, I think they were just bored; they didn't have anything better to do last night then go out and create trouble and havoc," said Chief Robinson.

The boys’ alleged spree didn't end at the complex; they also hit up Badcock Furniture and did damage, officials say.

"They busted out the passenger side window of a truck there, they poured yellow paint all inside the interior, took yellow paint and splashed in on windshield of the truck," said Chief Robinson.

Back at the complex, it's a big Summerfest weekend softball tournament, and Mazzell says the vandals won't stop the fun.

"The weather's beautiful right now; we hope we have a beautiful weekend, and we just have to go on and do our thing here," said Mazzell.