Charlotte school closes after failing to pay rent

Charlotte school closes after failing to pay rent



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Posted on March 11, 2013 at 6:05 AM

Updated Monday, Mar 11 at 6:08 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The company that leases out the building for the Goddard School in northeast Charlotte padlocked the doors due to failed rent payments on Monday.

Parent Dominique Bradley held her 3-year-old son Devon after coming to the day care to say one last goodbye to the staff.

"I guess I'll be daycare hopping all day seeing where I'm going to place my child, and where I feel comfortable, " she said.

As for how and why the owner John Monbarren continued to collect fees and was still months behind in rent, Bradley said "You never know what's going on behind closed doors."
Teachers, parents and some students showed up to the school Monday morning to realize that doors to the building were locked.

"I was shocked," said one parent who now had to take his two year old daughter back home and miss a day of work,  "She keeps saying, 'I want to go in (to school),' but she can't, I don't know."

Officials said the daycare on Back Creek Drive owes more the $61,000 in rent payments.

The leasing company contacted NBC Charlotte saying they planned to padlock the building on Monday.

They also said that they wanted to warn the parents and employees so they would have time to prepare.

One employee from the school that spoke with NBC Charlotte said she was told the building was going to have maintenance done.

She said she wasn't aware that the school would be closed due to back rent payments.

Several deputies from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office were at the school Monday morning to help with the situation.

One parent said they weren't aware of the situation and were not notified by the administrators that the school would be closed.

Teachers and students were briefly allowed to go inside the building to get personal items that had been left behind.

The school has an 'A' rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Since 2004, this location of the Goddard School has had three comlaints filed against them it (1 in 2004, 1 in 2008 and 1 in 2012), all of which have been resolved, according to the