Exclusive | Nick Jonas discusses steamy role in movie shot around Charlotte

Credit: NBC Charlotte

Exclusive | Nick Jonas discusses steamy role in movie shot around Charlotte



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Posted on May 29, 2013 at 4:00 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 29 at 8:17 PM

LAKE NORMAN, N.C. -- Cast and crew have been shooting "Careful What You Wish For", the sexy thriller starring Nick Jonas, for the last month in and around the Charlotte area. NBC Charlotte got exclusive access on set during the last day of shooting the independent picture. We spent the day there last Thursday as cameras rolled at Jetton Park on Lake Norman. 

"It's definitely a different role than anything I've ever done before, one of those things I really wanted to challenge myself," Nick Jonas said of the movie he calls "intense."

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The movie is actually set on Lake Lure near Asheville. Jonas plays a young man who has an affair with his married next-door neighbor. "Everything spirals out of control when her husband ends up dead on the floor,” said Producer Michael Helfant.

Australian actress Isabel Lucas plays the married woman. She and Jonas had just shot a very intimate scene when we arrived on the closed set.

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Jonas admits his fans will be surprised by this role and that is a big departure from the squeaky clean Disney movies we're used to seeing him in, but he's excited by the challenge.

"It doesn’t make me nervous, I think it’s important for me to take steps and continue to grow as an actor and push myself in this way. I think, for the audience, they have to be prepared to come see a movie that’s pretty intense."

And one that's a little steamier than most are used to.

Helfant said, "He's a young man in this movie. He's no longer that young kid from the Disney shows, and he’s every bit a man in this movie."

But Jonas said he'll show the movie to his parents, famous for raising their kids to take a vow of chastity. "The whole movie is not sex. It’s a part of the movie. The story overall is an exciting one, and one I think people will be taken by," he told us.

Helfant told us he was impressed by the way the youngest Jonas Brother stepped up for this role.

"He's great at everything he does, but this is the first time we’re seeing Nick as a bona fide movie star, and watching him transform into that persona has been really exciting. I think the audience, his audience and the broader audience are going to be blown away by his talent and his performance in the movie."

Because the role was so intense, Jonas found several ways to relieve stress. He drafted a softball team from the cast and the crew, and organized a match against staff from UNC Charlotte. Jonas himself paid for a celebratory barbecue when the game was over.

During breaks, he could often be found strumming a guitar on the front steps of his trailer.
The movie’s producer said other cast and crew were drawn to the music and were thrilled when during a family visit to the set, Joe Jonas played with him, entertaining everyone.

"I sat around one night for like 45 minutes while he was singing and playing. It was the night that his brother Joe was here and the two of them were harmonizing with Nick on guitar, and it was just fantastic," Helfant said.

Both are excited to come back to Charlotte at the end of July when their concert tour stops at Time Warner.

Nick said, "Looking forward to being back here. We obviously have some roots here, my dad being from Belmont, my grandmother and cousins are all still here, so they’ll come out to the show."


EXTRAS: Q & A with cast, crew:

Actress Kandyse McClure (You may know her from Battlestar Galactica) plays the insurance investigator who realizes something isn’t quite right…

How has your time in Charlotte been?

“This is kind of a magical place. I can see why people don’t sort of talk about it. I don’t think you guys want anybody else to come here!”

Jessie Horton worked as a stand-in for lead actress, Isabel Lucas. A bartender at Black Finn, she had to alter her appearance so she closely resembled the Australian actress.

What did you have to do?

“I had to highlight it like crazy in order to get it this color and wear my extensions so it’s the same length as hers,” she said.


Shot on Lake Norman, there was a constant stream of people in line for help from the medic – for one specific ailment.

How much bug spray are you using? I’ve gone through half a bottle in a week. There’s a few bugs? There’s quite a few bugs!”


Michael Helfant – one of producers on Careful What You Wish For

We heard Nick Jonas played music to decompress?

“He would sit at his trailer with an acoustic guitar and just start playing and it’s captivating. You just want to watch him sing for hours.”

How often did you have to deal with fans trying to get to him?

“Word got out early that he was staying there [Birkdale Village] and there were groups of young girls just trolling Birkdale village looking for him! All of a sudden you’d see a group of girls running with the phones in their hands. He’s really gracious about his fans and I’ve never seen him not stop and take a picture with a fan that’s come up to him.”

Bradley Gallo – producer

What will surprise people the most about this role?

“Nick being in his first lead role, I think they’re going to realize this guy is a seriously talented actor along with being a musician that we all know.”

Nick Jonas/Actor

They just yelled “Wrap!” How do you feel about that?

“It’s mixed emotions. We have worked so hard for six weeks now getting this film in a great place.”

How different was this role?

“I’m trying to challenge myself and make myself a little uncomfortable at times and hopefully the audience with this movie because I think it’s one of those times you kind of have to be in my characters shoes and feeling this with him. I worked pretty hard in prepping for this. I think the most uncomfortable thing is facing these realities that this character is facing that are so far from anything that I’ve ever experienced. You’re dealing with a lot of intense stuff. It’s going to be fun to see it all come together.”

There’s no music in this movie?!

“No music in this movie, which is great. I think it’s exciting for me to be an actor. Most of the acting I’ve done has been singing and acting combined. Fans are so supportive of me both with what I’m doing in music and the acting front, I’m excited for them to see the movie and go on the journey with me."