Former CMS teacher facing sex charge

Former CMS teacher facing sex charge


by RAD BERKY / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on January 22, 2013 at 12:10 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 22 at 12:09 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A former Charlotte-Mecklenburg school teacher was charged Monday with taking indecent liberties with a child.

The abuse allegedly happened at Marie G. Davis Middle School three decades ago, when it was still an elementary school.

"He was abused during the school day by a teacher," said Melissa Owen, an attorney who represents the victim who does not want to be identified.

The retired teacher who has been charged is 73-year-old Monte Sue Diebolt who is now living in Statesboro, Georgia.

Owen said of her client, "He has been struggling with this his whole life and believed that if he kept it inside, one day it would be OK."

According to Owen, the victim said when he should have been going to class, Diebolt kept him with her.

"He was kept back from gym class and art class and abused when his parents believed he was safe," Owen said.

Eventually, Owen said the mother of the boy became suspicious that something was going on with her son and went to the school with her concern.

"They listened to her complaint and assured her that she didn't have to be worried," said Owen.

But, according to Owen, nothing was ever done and Diebolt was promoted to a job as an assistant principal before retiring and moving to Georgia.

Owen said Diebolt was charged after her client called the retired teacher and confronted her on the phone, which was being secretly recorded by police. She allegedly apologized for what had happened, never suspecting police were listening in.

Attempts to reach Diebolt Monday were unsuccessful.

As for her client, Owen said, "On the one hand, there is a sense of peace. He has done everything he can now to put this to rest."

A spokesperson for CMS said because of the holiday she was unable to gain access to records about Diebolt and was unable to comment on the arrest.

NBC Charlotte will follow up with those questions to the school district on Tuesday.