Scattered showers likely late afternoon and evening

Credit: Katie Killen / NBC Charlotte

Scattered showers likely late afternoon and evening


by First Warn Storm Team & KATIE KILLEN / NBC Charlotte

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 5:47 AM

Updated Tuesday, May 7 at 12:50 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Heavy rainfall moved through the Charlotte area and mountain region Monday morning causing flash flood warnings and school delays.

The line of steady heavy rain has moved out of the viewing area, but we are not done with the moisture.

Scattered showers and a thunderstorm will be possible this afternoon and into the evening, this is especially true if we get a little sun and heating.

With saturated ground and rivers at full capacity, it wouldn't take much more rain to see even more significant flooding.

The upper low will continue to slowly track across the area for the next two days keeping rain in the forecast.

The amount of rain will be much less than what the Charlotte area has already seen.

Power outages were reported in parts of York, Cleveland and Mecklenburg counties early Monday morning due to the heavy rain.

Crews have been able to restore power to all residents in Mecklenburg and York counties. There are a few still without power in Cleveland County.

Residents in east Charlotte woke up to a giant tree down across Saint Julian Street. The saturated ground likely gave way, forcing the tree to collapse. 

In Dilworth, runners were forced off their usual path when the Little Sugar Creek in Freedom Park overflowed its bank onto the nature trail.

"It's been like England," runner  Kevin Jenkinson said. "It's been like being home back in in England."

A flood warning remains in effect for Cleveland, Gaston and York Counties.

"The mountain region has seen close to five inches of rain already," Sprinkle said Monday morning.

Avery County schools closed Monday due to the heavy rain. Burke and Watauga County schools  operated on a two-hour delay.

Flooding closed part of N.C. 194 near Heaton and N.C. 184 near Banner Elk in Avery County.  Highway 90 is also closed in Caldwell County due to the heavy rain.

The rain has caused flooding in the Broad River in York and Cleveland Counties. The National Weather Service says the flooding level in Caldwell County at Boiling Springs is expected to reach the same level as the July 8 flood in 2005.

In Gaston County, the Catawba River is flowing much faster than usual, and the National Weather Service expects the river levels to be below flooding levels by Tuesday evening.

NBC Charlotte found several construction workers fishing because work had been cancelled. 

"It's too muddy, you can't work, you can't dig," explained John Morrison.  Fishing on a Monday sounds like fun but, according to Morrison, it has its drawbacks. 

"It's great.  I just wish I got paid for it," he said. 

Temperatures will remain cooler than normal in the low to mid-60s. The chance for rain is at 40 percent for the afternoon.

Norfolk Southern worker killed after mudslide in mountains

A Norfolk Southern worker has been killed after he was trapped in a mudslide while checking track conditions in the North Carolina mountains.
Norfolk Southern spokesman Robin Chapman says 33-year-old Joseph Drewnoski and a colleague were inspecting the rails near Black Mountain after a mudslide around 2 a.m. Monday when a second mudslide knocked their special truck with rail wheels off the track.
Authorities say Drewnoski was outside the truck was buried and killed. The employee who was still in the truck called for help and was rescued.
Chapman says the dead worker's body was recovered about five hours later. Drewnoski was an assistant foreman and had been with Norfolk Southern for eight years.
Up to 5 inches of rain has fallen in the mountains over the weekend.