NoDa brawl posted on YouTube sparks CMPD investigation

NoDa brawl posted on YouTube sparks CMPD investigation


by BEN THOMPSON / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on February 26, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 23 at 11:57 PM

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte-Mecklenburg police detectives are investigating a brawl at a NoDa entertainment complex Sunday night after video of the brawl was posted on YouTube.

NBC Charlotte contacted police after the clip was forwarded to the station.

“This video link has been forwarded to detectives and currently part of an active investigation,” said Robert Tufano, spokesman with CMPD.

The YouTube video shows people throwing chairs back and forth at each other.  And at one point, a person picks up a table and throws it across the room.

(WARNING: This RAW video contains explicit language, and some users may find it offensive)

Just after the chaos begins to die down, a man walks in with ax hammer appearing to go after someone.

People in the video hold the man back from hurting anyone.  A man discharges a stun gun several times as well.

Officers responded to 911 calls to 617 E. 28th Street, at the NDemand Entertainment Complex, around 2 a.m. Monday morning.  Detectives say no police report was filed because the crowds had dispersed, no injuries had been reported, and no one was willing to provide a testimony of what happened.  As a result, no arrests were made.

Witnesses tell NBC Charlotte the brawl broke out at an after party for the Carolina Awards Ball 2013, with about 150 attendees.  The party featured a competitive fashion show, which led up to the fight.

“It was a very sore loser at a fashion show. And it just happened to escalate,” said Charlene Henderson, attendee, and owner of NDemand Entertainment.

Henderson rented her facility out to the promoter for the evening.  She said that the promoter hired several security guards for the event.  She said alcohol wasn’t served, although she admitted some people may have brought some into the building.

“He did everything he was supposed to have done.  You can't control people.  That's the bottom line,” she said.

The Carolina Awards Ball 2011, at a different facility, caused trouble as well.  According to NBC Charlotte archives, a fight started at the event and ended at the Doubletree Hotel with a fire.

Henderson hopes her facility returns to its original purpose.  She started the business a few months ago as a community hang-out spot for youth groups and senior citizens.

“This was an isolated incident, and hopefully and prayerfully, it won't happen again.”