Boone fights frigid temperatures, icy roads

Boone fights frigid temperatures, icy roads


by TONY BURBECK / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on January 3, 2014 at 7:42 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 3 at 7:57 PM

BOONE, N.C. -- A bitter cold day in the mountains Friday had people scrambling for warmth.

Garland Baker says the temperature outside his house when he woke up was seven degrees.

Mother Nature wasn't done with him. A frigid wind made walking around Downtown Boone uncomfortable.

"The wind is a major factor that makes it much worse than if the wind is calm.  You can cope with bad weather a lot better. If the wind is blowing, you try to stay home," he said.

Karen Critcher's job requires running the occasional errand outside in downtown.

"We usually don't see this kind of cold," she said.

It's why her Friday errands included walking faster and trying to avoid wind gusts.

"It takes your breath away and practically blows your pants off.  My pants are just blowing in the wind."

Appalachian State Professor Harvard Ayers quickly realized talking outside without a hat and gloves on meant getting colder by the second.

"I'm feeling it," Ayers said.

Getting around town for all three meant dealing with snow and ice covered roads during the morning commute.

"My husband brought me to work this morning because we live on a road that's kind of slick, and my car doesn't travel well on those kinds of road," Critcher said.

Main roads like Highway 321 cleared up during the day. The concern is some of the wet spots on the road refreezing and causing icy spots.

"All of a sudden you're doing a 180 - it can happen," said Ayers.

NCDOT crews have turned their attention to clearing side roads and will be out looking for trouble spots.