Charlotte region prepares for winter weather

Charlotte region prepares for winter weather



Posted on January 21, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 22 at 12:33 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As another Arctic front makes its way into the Piedmont, municipalities across the area are gearing up to take Mother Nature head-on.

(Check out an hour-by-hour radar breakdown of flurry chances)

In Charlotte, NCDOT crews are spraying a brine mixture along Mecklenburg County roadways, and are planning to have that completed by 4 p.m. Also, city street maintenance crews will be responding to emergency calls for icy situations. Charlotteans can call in icy spots by calling CharMeck311.

By 5 p.m., contractor crews will be standing by to treat interstates before temps dip below the freezing mark.


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In the Foothills, NCDOT says in Division 12, which includes Alexander, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell and Lincoln Counties, precipitation is expected to begin as rainfall, so there are currently no plans to pre-treat the roadways with brine.

(Check out the LIVE Beech Mountain cam!)

In the Mountain Region, NCDOT crews covering Division 11, Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell, Surry, Watauga, Wilkes and Yadkin Counties, began readying snow plows and spreaders to clear snow as needed.

Interstates and overpassees in Yadkin, Wilkes and Surry Counties received a brine treatment on Tuesday, a solution consisting of salt and water.

For the remaining counties, crews will return to work at 8 p.m. to treat roadways as needed.

As always, NBC Charlotte wants to know what the weather is like where you are! If you can safely snap weather photos, email them over to! We'll add them to our #snOMG slideshow, and you just may see them on TV!

NBC Charlotte's Michelle Boudin takes a look at how the Arctic blast is impacting air travel:

The so-called “Misery Map" on showed about 90 flights in and out of the Queen City had been cancelled by Tuesday afternoon, most of them going to the Northeast. There were 3,100 flights cancelled nationwide.

Sisters Tina and Edwina Ofori had a great weekend visiting their first nephew in Atlanta, but they got stuck in Charlotte while trying to connect to New York.

Tina told NBC Charlotte, “Every single flight got cancelled to New York, Newark and Philadelphia, and everywhere else near New York has been cancelled.”

The sisters said they are hoping they manage to get out by morning. “Right now we have a ticket to get out tomorrow morning, so with a lot of prayer -- I hope we get out.”


Watauga County Schools will be closed for students and teachers Wednesday.

Avery County Schools will be closed for students and staff Wednesday. Eleven and Twelve-month employees may work on a two-hour delay or take an annual leave day.


So far, only Iredell County Emergency Management has announced a warming shelter.

The shelter will be located at 1421 Fifth Street in Statesville at the Fifth Street Shelter Ministries. Any resident who may require transportation to the shelter should call Iredell County Emergency Communications at (704) 878-9039.

NCDOT offers the following safety tips for driving in winter weather:

  • Clear windows and mirrors;
  • Reduce speed and leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles;
  • Bridges and overpasses accumulate ice first. Approach them with extreme caution and do not apply your brakes while on the bridge;
  • If you begin to slide, take your foot off the gas and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide. Do not apply the brakes as that will cause further loss of control of the car;
  • Come to a complete stop or yield the right of way when approaching an intersection where traffic lights are out. Treat this scenario as a four-way stop; and
  • If you have a cellular phone, take it with you. You can contact the Highway Patrol statewide by calling *HP (*47) or call the county emergency center by dialing 911.