How to get a weather closing code


Posted on November 3, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 3 at 11:24 AM

Getting a First Warn Weather Closing Code for your organization is easy. We need the following information to add you to our system:

Company Name (as it should appear on screen)
Company Mailing Address
Company Main Phone Number
Primary Contact Person
Primary Contact Person's Title
Primary Contact Person's Direct Extension
Primary Contact Person's After-hours Phone Number
Primary Contact Person's E-mail Address

You can send the above information in two different ways:

If you need a closing code, please send the above information to

Note: To protect our clients, we require that all Weather Closing Code requests that come in by e-mail are sent through a work based account. We cannot accept requests from accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL.

You can also fax a closing code request with the listed information to 704-357-4975.

Note: All faxes must be submitted on company letterhead.

It can take up to four weeks complete your closing code request. If you need a closing posted today, and you have not requested a code from us before, the same process is required. However, we will expedite the process to make sure your closing gets on the air and online.

If you need more information, or need to contact the weather closings staff call 704-329-3782 or e-mail us at