CLEVELAND -- His crimes are infamous.

His tale is terrifying.

His name is unforgettable.

Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most notorious serial killers, will have his story showcased in a new movie that’s currently filming in Northeast Ohio.

But the production of My Friend Dahmer has a Disney twist.

Filling the shoes of Dahmer is 20-year-old Ross Lynch, best known for Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally series and Teen Beach movies. Your kids may also recognize him as the lead singer of R5, a pop band featuring his own siblings.

Ross Lynch.
Ross Lynch.

Lynch takes the starring role in the movie, which chronicles the killer’s teen years growing up in and around Summit County.

Other notable names in the movie are Anne Heche, who portrays Dahmer’s mother, and Vincent Kartheiser of Mad Men fame.

Cameras have been rolling for days in the shadows of where Dahmer claimed his first victim back in 1978. It happened at his childhood home in Bath Township, which still stands just off I-77. The house was recently available to rent during the Republican National Convention, and is currently owned by song writer and guitarist for the 80's band, The Waitresses.

Dahmer, who attended Revere High School, confessed to killing a total of 17 young men and boys before dying behind bars in a prison attack.

My Friend Dahmer, based on a graphic novel of the same title, is slated to be released some time in 2017. IMDB describes the film as "the haunting, sad, funny, true look at the high school years of Jeffrey Dahmer. An intoxicating blend of a coming-of-age tale with the borrowed hook of a serial killer narrative. "

In 2002, Avengers star Jeremy Renner portrayed Dahmer in a gritty horror flick simply titled with the killer's last name.