Many moms are firing back at Kate Hudson on social media after the actress called her C-section lazy in the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

The popular magazine has their cover star complete a fill in the blank questionnaire in every magazine. The October cover star and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" actress answered the question to "The laziest thing I've ever done" by filling in "Have a C-section!"

The 38-year-old's answer sparked anger with many mothers who took to social media to express their fiery sentiments.

"How in the world is having your insides cut open and moved around to deliver your baby lazy?" one Twitter user asked. Others, however, were quick to jump to Hudson's defense.

According to NBC's Today, Hudson had previously told the Associated Press that her labor wasn't progressing when giving birth to her now 13-year-old son Ryder.

"So she opted for a C-section rather than leaving the hospital and face the waiting paparazzi," Today said.

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