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2 Cosmetic procedures that men are getting

Cosmetic surgeries not just for women

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More women than men are note for getting plastic surgery.  Yet many men are now turning to 2 procedures that will help improve the look and function of their bodies   Dr. Paul Diegidio with S. Charlotte Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery has more information concerning the subject.  Traditionally we have seen men get procedure ranging from skin care and injectables to liposuction and hair restoration, but there are two procedures that men are finding desirable to improve their bodies.  The first is a scrotal lift and the second is penile filler.


As men age the muscles and skin of the scrotum gradually descend over time which can lead to difficulty with clothing, a heaviness, and can be uncomfortable during sex. A scrotal lift is a very safe procedure that can even be done under local where the excess skin is removed and muscles tightened for a more comfortable day.


Penile filler: incredibly popular right now. Fillers have been around for decades and are a very safe product when used correctly. The vast majority of fillers are used by women to add volume to cheeks, under eyes, and lips, however men can benefit from these products as well. Using filler to add girth to the penis not only improves appearance and confidence for men, but can lead to increased stimulation for their partners. Think going from a carrot to a cucumber, or cucumber to small eggplant.  Penile filler is essential just for girth, but some folks want to work on length as well, and sometimes this is as simple as performing liposuction to the pubic area to decrease the volume of tissue blocking the view.

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