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4 tips for success at your new job

Show competence and confidence in your new role

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Starting a new position can be very stressful with many eyes on the new person and it can be a bit scary trying to navigate in a new work environment, but knowing some basic key actions will help you stand out in a positive way and add to retention on the job. Career Coach Cassandra Whitlow says “there are 4 things you need to exhibit as a new hire”


1) SHOW INTEREST IN THE JOB – The same enthusiasm you had when interviewing for the job needs to be the same level of enthusiasm you show while starting the job. Managers want to feel like they made the right choice in hiring you, so when they feel you are happy with your choice to join the company, which makes them feel like it is a great partnership. Keep an open mind while in training and don’t allow stress and nerves to affect your excitement for the new role you’re embarking upon.

2) SHOW COMPETENCE IN DOING THE WORK – Nowadays many companies do not have a formal or traditional training program, so focus on showing the skills and experience you have in the field and seek out seasoned team mates to help you when needed. Initiate and seek out learning opportunities and get advice from your manager on developmental opportunities. These actions will show that you are taking control of understanding your role and meeting and exceeding goals.

3) SHOW KNOWLEDGE OF COMPANY POLICIES – Get familiar with the Employee Handbook. These are the policies and rules of the company that shapes the culture and working environment. Any rules that are broken from this book could yield in immediate termination, so it is advantageous and wise to learn these policies early on in your role otherwise, you may learn the hard way – if it negatively impacts your employment in termination.

4) SHOW CONFIDENCE - It is not easy showing up for work in a new facility with a new manager in a new role, but showing up insecure and hesitant will put doubt in the managers’ mind and could have him or her questioning if they made the right decision to hire you. No matter how tough the training or how hard the work, be sure to show a positive attitude and confidence that you will learn the job quickly. Some people have a saying to “fake it until you make it.” That may work in the short term but strive to be a quick learner and actually become the Rock Star they are hoping you turn out to be.

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