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5 exercises in just 10 minutes

5 exercises to get you in shape while on vacation, no weights required.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Here are 5 quick exercise people can do who are traveling this summer on vacation and have very little time and no equipment. This workout will boost your mood, release endorphins and is very effective.  All you need is a step stool or a chair and 10 minutes.  Motivational fitness trainer, MeghanTrainor, walks us through 5 of her favorite exercises. Each exercise has 10 repetitions, once you have gone through all five exercises repeat the process again until you’ve done the routine ten times.  It may seems like a lot but it will go very quickly.

Exercise 1:  Incline Planks knee drives

You can use a chair or a wall to complete this exercise. Get in plank position and drive your right knee forward and then alternate to the left knee.  This total body exercise is very effective. Doing planks with a knee drives on an inclined maybe easier but still effective in building a good core.

Exercise 2:  Up/Overs

"This fun drill will get your heart rate up" says Trainor. It is important to get moving when your on vacation.  You can also modify it by using the chair. Just have fun with this drill.

Exercise 3:  Knee tucks

Another great core exercise that is design to build stability are knee tucks. Your abdominal will thank you later when you perform this exercise. If you want a modification keep your feet on the ground and do one leg at a time.

Exercise 4:  Tricep Dips

Trainor suggests tricep dips on the edge of a chair, bench, or bed. Dips work on strength and stability, it also builds muscle. It’s important to get into a nice rhythm.

Exercise 5:  Squats with a booty tap.

Working on the lower body is indeed a must. Squats with booty tap is an total body exercise. Remember to breathe and exhale on the way down. Use a chair to guide your squat and when your bottom touches the chair explode upwards. "You can add a jump with this exercise to make it more challenging" says Trainor.  Theses exercises will take about ten minutes to complete. Take your time slow down really feel your breathing and enjoy your workout.

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