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A library card gives you incredible access to information

Debit and Credit Card maybe Library Card Yes!

There’s one important card you must have in your wallet or purse and it’s not your debit or credit card. That’s right it is your library card. Darrell Anderson with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has several tidbits of information of why we need our library card.

1: The Library is essential in helping to improve lives and build stronger communities by providing easy and free, equitable access to information through many different channels – and the best way to get connected to fantastic resources – and people - is with a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library card.

2: September is Library Card Sign-up Month where libraries across the nation work to ensure everyone in their communities have a library card of their own. While Library Card Sign-up Month began with the American Library Association (ALA) and centers on an annual theme, it’s a time for libraries to connect directly with those in their communities.

3: There are many people who don’t understand the value of having a library card in today’s technological age – Google searches, Alexa and Siri are right at our fingertips or a voice activation away. Not everyone has access to the internet or technology.

4: Having a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library card offers access to much more than books: With a Library card, library users can enjoy DVDs and streaming movies, indie films and documentaries, streaming, downloadable music or even CDs. Users can also access e-books, e-audio/audio-books on both disc and Play-away devices, Launchpad learning tablets for children, magazines, podcast kits, cellphone video kits and more.

5: Having a Library card is a great way to build connections and foster the growth of community. You can start a book club for like-minded readers and reserve Book Club Kits which include multiple books for each member of the club, discussion questions and engaging guides to bring book clubs to life.

6: Content creation is huge right now – and the Library has cellphone video kits that users can check out to make professional quality movies, film vlogs, or create content for social media right from their phones! The kits are filled with great audiovisual tools such as boom mics, gimbles for stabilization and getting the perfect angle, and more. We also offer podcast kits for those eager to launch the next best podcast in town. Both of these resources come with instructions and tips on how to use them – so they are perfect for creators of all experience levels.

7: Finally • Getting a Library card is easy. Residents of Mecklenburg County can sign up for a FREE Library card at CMLibrary.org/Getacard. For out-of-county or out-of-state applicants, there is a $45 annual fee. Apply for a Library card in person or online at CMLibrary.org/Getacard. Once approved, cardholders can immediately enjoy millions of resources in the form of books, e-books, audio-books, e-audio-books, music, movies, other materials, digital and virtual programs - all for FREE.

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