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Bathroom storage ideas

Make the most out of your bathroom space with these creative ideas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many people think they need to choose between form and function in the bathroom.  Often small rooms are a challenge to design and to utilize the space in a way that works for the entire family. Chrystal Rowe, realtor with The Vining Group says, “If you’re struggling with how to use your bathroom and how to keep it organized with the right amount of storage , there are some tips that will help".

Storage storage storage! There are many alternatives to storing small items that you may have on hand and or overlooked.  Take a spice rack, for instance. You can install that in a bathroom cabinet.  Row says, “The jars can be used to store multiple items and use to house small items”.  Things like berets and hair clip are a great place for a spice rack.   A magazine holder is another device you can use for storage.  Rowe says you can easily put those underneath your cabinet or on a bathroom door again to hold tools and product and brushes that you would use.

There is so much space in your bathroom that is not utilized, for instance above your bathroom door you can install a shelf. Rowe says this is a great place for decorative baskets or towels, or to store extra product.  Also one of the biggest things that take up space in your bathroom is the towel bar.  Take your towel bar down and install coat hooks, yes, coat hooks!  Rowe says you can put the same number of coat hooks in a third of the space that you would for a towel bar.

You can also make your bathroom appear larger by adding a mirror. Rowe says don’t just get the builder grade mirror but a decorative mirror that you would use in a dining room or a bedroom that has the decorative frame.  The mirror will reflect light and make your bathroom appear larger than it is.  These are some simple tips to add more functionality and storage to your bathroom. 

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