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Beauty tips for mask wearing

Stanley Owings shares 5 products you should be using

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Mask-Friendly Beauty

They’re back?! Or did they really ever go away?! We are talking face masks and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. That means it’s time to talk about mask-friendly beauty! BECAUSE what you don’t want to do — is NOT wear ANY makeup!

If face masks are here to stay (for now), let’s at least “turn the volume up” with your mask-friendly beauty routine. I’ve got 5 must-try tips to accentuate the positive when it comes to modern day beauty!

1- Choose the right foundation product

Hands down. No questions asked. iMpact color cosmetics BB Cream is THE answer when it comes to a foundation product that won’t transfer + it’s a primer + sheer/lightweight foundation + hydrator + skin evener + color corrector AND eyeshadow base!!! Not only will it wear all day while wearing your mask (or not), it is also good for your skin and traceless on the skin.

2- Clear Powder

Yes, I said CLEAR! Zero iMpact powder from iMpact color cosmetics is completely clear and adds zero texture to the skin. It sets your BB Cream without changing or deepening the color. It’s also like an instagram filter for your skin — blurring imperfections.

3- A Cream Highlighter to “wake up” the eyes

Think of it like this — “i’M humble” highlighter from iMpact is like your own personal lighting crew following you around. Literally offers the look of rested skin — like you’ve just had 8 hours of sleep.

4- A Facial Spray

Facial sprays have never been more important to have in your beauty bag! We are spending more time in our homes which means exposing our skin to dry heat or air. Hydration is key. Adding “Anointing Spray” from my brand will not only offer hydration, it soothes with cucumber and chamomile + offers a more natural look to your makeup. Your complexion looks like skin, not like makeup.

5- Mascara, Mascara, Mascara!!!

Let’s be honest, who is taking the time these days to do a full-on dramatic eye?! However, since everyone is focusing on our eyes given the face mark it’s important to bring attention to the eyes. A great mascara (iWink iMpact from iMpact color cosmetics) is the PERFECT solution. Opens, lifts and whitens the eyes!